Best of Mount Pleasant 2015

Best of Mount Pleasant 2015

Health and Wellness Category

Mount Pleasant Magazine's readers cast 36,800 votes in 140 categories in the Best Of Mount Pleasant. Mount Pleasant Magazine's efforts, combined with your votes, have tremendous value to you - so much that we're publishing the winners in the Health and Wellness Category here, hoping you will find a valuable resource.

Best Allergist

If you can’t walk outside without sneezing your head off or pet your friend’s cat without scratching your skin raw, it might be time to make an appointment with Dr. Bruce Ball. Our readers think he’s the guy for determining which allergens you should avoid and significantly lowering your Kleenex bill.

1. Dr. Bruce Ball
2. Dr. Ned Rupp
3. Dr. John Ramey

Best Audiologist

Being a good listener is an art form, and listening to your patients discuss their concerns regarding hearing is something our readers believe Dr. Mary Anne Larkin has mastered. So if you find yourself straining during a conversation, give her a call – she is all ears.

1. Dr. Mary Anne Larkin
2. Dr. Kristen Bish
3. Dr. Jennifer Bonner

Best Chiropractor

At his Maximized Living Clinic, Dr. Brian Class offers the best all-natural holistic chiropractic care available. Dr. Class and his staff provide patients with simple, common-sense tips to preventing disease and living a fuller, healthier lifestyle. Give him a try ... if you have the spine for it.

1. Dr. Brian Class
2. Dr. Matthew Murrin
2. Accurate Chiropractic

Best Dentist

Remember your old dentist who bribed you with cheerful balloons, new toothbrushes and flavored fluoride to forget your fears and enjoy your cleaning? Our readers insist that Pleasant Family Dentistry is the best dentist without such gimmicks – they simply do a good job with your smile.

1. Pleasant Family Dentistry
2. Dr. Nicole Dahlkemper
3. Assey Dental Associates

Best Dermatologist

Our skin is the largest organ of our bodies, and taking care of it is important. Readers voted Dr. Marguerite Germain as the best in skin care, so before you slather another miracle cream on your mug, try giving her a call.

1. Dr. Marguerite Germain
2. Dr. Sam Stafford
3. Dr. Stephanie Smith-Phillips

Best Family Doctor

We’ve all seen those fuzzy black-and-white films and television shows that depict a caring family doctor curing the household of fevers and chicken pox with the magical items inside his doctor’s bag. Our readers voted Dr. John Knepper as the modern version, so give him a call at the first sign of illness.

1. Dr. John Knepper
2. Dr. John Rowe
3. Dr. Lee Allison

Best Fitness Center

It’s East of the Cooper and a few miles from the shore, but East of the River Pretty Near the Beach was too long a name. But don’t join East Shore Athletic Club for the name. Join it for the wide range of exercise equipment and fitness gear and for their available personal trainers. They’re “gonna pump you up!”

1. East Shore Athletic Club
2. Iron Tribe Fitness
3. EcoFitness

Best Gerontologist

Modern society is right about one thing: Life begins at 60, especially East of the Cooper! For those of you searching for the right specialist to ensure the quality of your golden years, our readers suggest the talented Dr. Rex Morgan.

1. Dr. Rex Morgan
2. Dr. Scott Evans
3. Dr. John Kleckley
3. Dr. Leonard Lichtenstein

Best Hospital

When the Roper St. Francis Mount Pleasant physicians and health care professionals claim that they put patients first, they’re not kidding. Year after year, they rack up national awards in patient satisfaction to prove it. No one wants to go to the hospital, but, when you have to, you’ll get world class care.

1. Roper St. Francis Mount Pleasant
2. East Cooper Medical Center

Best Lasik Surgeon

Seeing is believing, so after we counted up all our readers’ votes for Dr. Kerry Solomon as the best lasik surgeon, we decided that they must be right.

1. Dr. Kerry Solomon
2. Dr. David O’Day
3. Dr. David Vroman


Pregnancy is sometimes depicted as a nail-biting experience on romantic-comedies, but thanks to Dr. Toya Pound, the ladies of East Cooper are feeling relaxed throughout the entire process. As for the fathers, well, that’s another story.

1. Dr. Toya Pound
2. Dr. Natalie Gregory
2. Mount Pleasant OBGYN

Best Oral Surgeon

Sometimes, bad things happen to good mouths. On those occasions, our readers put their trust in Shelbourne and Associates and look forward to Dr. Courtney Shelbourne opening his new dental practice in the spring of this year.

1. Shelbourne and Associates
2. Dr. Phillip Prickett
3. Dr. Craig Rhyne

Best Orthodontist

At Nash Orthodontics, the goal is to help patients achieve and maintain a beautiful and healthy smile by offering the absolute best quality orthodontic care in a caring, fun, and friendly environment. No truth to the rumor that Jerry Seinfeld does the chairside warm-up.

1. Dr. Travis Nash
2. Dr. James Kelley
3. Dr. Roberta Gardner

Best Orthopedic Surgeon

When people talk about “feeling something in their bones,” they mean that they know it without any real proof. However, the readers of Mount Pleasant Magazine have proven to us that Dr. Billy Estes is the best orthopedic surgeon when it comes to ridding yourself of any pains in the neck – or elsewhere.

1. Dr. Billy Estes
2. Dr. William Carroll
2. Dr. John Graham

Best Pediatrician

The tenured physicians at Coastal Pediatric Associates have been caring for the children of the Lowcountry, providing the most current, compassionate and comprehensive care, for more than 20 years. Pretty soon, their first patients will be switching to Coastal Middle-Aged Care Associates.

1. Coastal Pediatric Associates
2. Dr. Matthew Davis
3. Dr. Sheri Scott Zieminick

Best Physical Therapist

Imagine Physical Therapy’s founder and guiding light, John Mart, was a Marine – and it shows! Whatever your sports-related, post-operative or other general physical tuneup, you’ll get it here double time! But John’s staff has a softer side, too. If you work hard, they just might give you a cookie.

1. Imagine Physical Therapy
2. Danielle Licari
3. Olympic Physical Therapy

Best Plastic Surgeon

At the Lowcountry Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Jack Hensel and his team provide a wide range of services, from breast augmentation, reduction and reconstruction to liposuction, body contouring and more. You’ll love the results so much, your smart phone will probably never leave “selfie mode” again.

1. Dr. Jack Hensel
2. Dr. Heidi Williams
3. Dr. Tom Funcik

Best Urgent Care

Urgent care means what it says – it’s care you need right now – not in three or four hours. Not tomorrow. Now! And that’s what Nason Medical Center is all about: ambulatory urgent care. That, and making some great TV commercials starring head doc Barron Nason himself.

1. Nason Medical Center
2. HealthFirst
3. Roper Hospital

Best Urologist

If you find yourself asking “Where’s the powder room” a bit too often at parties, it might be a good idea to give Dr. Dennis Kubinski or Dr. John Donaldson a call. These fine physicians tied for readers’ favorites when it comes to flushing that issue away.

1. Dr. Dennis Kubinski
1. Dr. John Donaldson
3. Dr. David Brandli
3. Dr. Stanley Hall

Best Weight Loss Program

Those stubborn pounds that you haven’t been able to lose since the decade of your 20s aren’t a problem for the Lowcountry Beauty and Wellness Spa, according to our readers. Voted the best weight loss program, it’s a great way to regain your self confidence and avoid a midlife crisis.

1. Lowcountry Beauty and Wellness Spa
2. Metabolic Medical Centers
3. Weight Watchers

Best Yoga Studio

Yoga is hot, especially at Bikram. Go ahead and work every muscle in your body with a series of 26 postures and two breathing exercises. You’ll be able to cool off at one of the many bars and restaurants near Bikram in the Shoppes at Seaside Farms.

1. Bikram
2. Charleston Power Yoga
3. Serenity Now
3. Gaea

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